Katelyn Masters


On a picture perfect early spring day, love blossomed in the charming setting of The Waters on Pike Road, Alabama as I had the pleasure of capturing the engagement session of the delightful couple, Rachelle and Shelton. The air was filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers, setting the perfect backdrop for this heartwarming chapter in their love story.

From the moment Rachelle and Shelton arrived, it was evident that their connection was as vibrant as the surrounding nature. The genuine smiles and shared glances spoke volumes about their deep bond, making every frame a testament to the love they share.

Rachelle, with an impeccable sense of style, adorned herself in the perfect outfits that effortlessly complemented the serene beauty of the location. Her choice of attire reflected not only her taste but also added an extra touch of elegance to the entire session.

Working with Rachelle and Shelton was an absolute delight. Their easygoing nature and infectious joy made the session feel like a celebration of love. As a photographer, capturing their genuine moments was a joyous experience, and their love radiated through every photograph.

As we anticipate their upcoming wedding at Camelot Manor in Westover, Alabama this spring, I cannot help but be excited about the continuation of their beautiful journey. The chemistry between Rachelle and Shelton promises a celebration filled with warmth, laughter, and the undeniable magic of their love.

The Waters on Pike Road served as the perfect canvas to encapsulate this moment in time. The natural beauty, combined with the palpable love between Rachelle and Shelton, created a series of photographs that tell a story of a couple on the brink of a lifetime together.

In closing, Rachelle and Shelton’s engagement session was a celebration of love in full bloom, a prelude to the enchanting chapters that await them. As their photographer, I am honored to be a witness to their love story and eagerly await the magic that their wedding day at Camelot Manor in Westover, Alabama will undoubtedly bring. Cheers to Rachelle and Shelton!

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